I am a professional photographer located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, offering my clients professional and creative photography services that turn any image into a work of art.

I founded my studio 16 years ago, abandoning a promising job in high-tech in favor of the love of photography that was planted in me ever since I was a young boy, when I received a Nikon f1 film camera from my father. The Studio is located in the middle on urban industrial area filled with special architectural buildings and surrounded by art studios. This location inspires my art, craft and creative view and sets a dynamic pace for my doing.

Throughout my career my work has covered a wide range of photographic genres including architecture, interior design, products, art and more. For the past decade I have been focusing on architectural photography photographing architecture and interior design projects of various scales, styles and types. Architectural photography requires extreme professionalism, extensive experience and a skilled eye to capture the image for all its complexity. My technique captures the smallest details with the lens while at the same time bringing out an esthetic view of the whole into an experience, bringing the photographed object to life.

The studio uses the most up to date equipment enabling me to reach clear, beautiful work. In addition to my commercial work, I have an obsession for beauty and details and create photographed art, capturing through the camera lens what the eye can’t always see.

I welcome you and invite you to explore my work.

Selected Clients

ABB Architects, Matt and James Architectures, Guillermo , Sol + Col Architects, design.X2, ALYS, Erik Palmer, Winston Curry, Singleton, Hogishbr.

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